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Flashing the OS image

Micro-SD Card Requirements

  • Minimum 16 Gb
  • Class 10 is strongly recommended

Download the image

Flash the image


Ignore request to format your sd card, this step is not nessessary. Choose the most suitable method for you. How to flash the eMMC on a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4

First, use the jumper cap to short the boot pin.Then connect the data cable to the USB OTG interface. Power on blikvm and observe the act light, the green light is always on.Taking Ubuntu system as an example:
Image title

EMMC knowledge

If you use raspberry pi computing modules such as CM3 or CM4 EMMC´╝îyou can initialize EMMC through the usbboot. Note that the EMMC version cannot directly use the SD card to start the image. From this video you can learn how to flash image quickly.How to flash the eMMC on a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 video

Linux usbboot

If you use an Micro-SD Card, you don't need to care about that.

# sudo apt-get install libusb-1.0-0-dev  
# git clone --depth=1
# cd usbboot
# make
# sudo ./rpiboot
If the content shown in the figure below appears, it indicates that EMMC initialization is successful.
Image title

Using RPi Imager (Linux, MacOS and Windows)

  1. Download and install the latest version of RPi Imager.

  2. Run RPi Imager:
    Image title

  3. Press CHOOSE OS and select Use custom image at bottom of the list:
    Image title

  4. After clicking on this item, select the image file (.img.xz), then click CHOOSE STORAGE:
    Image title

  5. Insert the memory card into the card reader. Choose the card reader from this list. Be careful and choose the right device:

    Image title

  6. After choosing the memory card, press the WRITE button. Confirm the operation when you are asked about it:
    Image title

  7. Wait for the process to finish. Get yourself a coffee or do some stretching :)


The process may hang at 99% for a long time, this is okay, just wait for it to complete

Image title

8.Remove the memory card after successful completion:

Image title


If an error occurs during flashing or booting PiKVM, repeat the process.