BliKVM Product Line

Cost-effective solutions for remotely managing systems in data centers & IT-departments.

BliKVM solutions are based on Raspberry Pi CM4 or Pi4. 

Real-time Kinematic Hyperlocation Product Line

High-precision differential positioning and directional module.

Introduction Blicube

Blicube© is an innovative product company, a leader in Global Real-time Kinematic (GRTK©) high-precision positioning orientation solutions for ArduPilot©. Furthermore, Blicube© specializes in “KVM over IP” remote server management through its BliKVM solutions.

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RLINK User Manual

Introduction Summary RLINK is a long-distance wireless data link communication module developed by blicube.LLC, supporting Point to Point and Point to Multipoint. Using two RLINK modules to form a pair of data links for mutual communication, when one connected to the...


系统介绍 系统简介 RLINK是BLI(北力电子)研发的远距离无线数据链路通讯模块,既支持点对点通信模式,也支持一站多机。通过两个RLINK模块,一个接设备端、一个接电脑端,即可组成一对互相通信的数据链路。使用三个及以上RLINK模块,可用于一站多机。 RLINK模块基于P900模组设计,拥有高功率、高速率、高接收灵敏度等特性。地空通信距离高达30KM以上,设备为航空CNC外壳,发射功率可达1W,工业级工作范围(-40~80度),宽压输入(5~35V),高速跳频。 图1.1 RLINK系统实物图 技术参数 性能指标...

HDMI to CSI bridge Handbook

Overview This module takes the incoming HDMI signal and converts it into a separate CSI signal and I2S audio signal. HDMI input supports up to 1080P60Hz. It works well on raspberry pi, there are three versions of this module in history(C779、C780、C790). C790 is the...