Introducing our latest “KVM-over-IP”, the BliKVM v4 Allwinner!


Feature-packed and powered by Allwinner H616 SoC.

BliKVM v4 Allwinner Front

BliKVM v4 Allwinner with H616 SoC

Key Features

  • Ready-to-use out of the box “KVM-over-IP” solution with everything required for immediate use, including Allwinner H616 SoC

  • Up to 4K@30Hz resolution support for increased UEFI/BIOS compatibility
  • Runs directly in all modern web browsers
  • BIOS-level remote access device
  • ATX controller – Switch the machine on or off, reset it, and monitor power & storage LED activity remotely. Includes ATX adapter board.
  • Mass-storage support – Remotely mount images on the virtual machine’s mass storage drive, making it easy to install or reinstall operating systems and other software.
  • Color LCD display with name, IP address, temperature, CPU load, and uptime
  • Software: Linux-based, regularly updated by a dedicated team
  • VPN support
  • Supports HDMI KVM remote control of multiple targets
  • Micro SD 32GB included
  • Comes with sleek black steel case
BliKVM v2 PCIe


BliKVM v2 PCIe

BliKVM v1 CM4